Hey guys, I've decided to only try to keep track of one blog, instead of the apparently impossible task of keeping two up at the same time. I'll only be posting things on my other blog, chubbymix. I'll be re-posting a lot of this material over there for my friends that only look at that one and never really bothered with this one... So please excuse the massive redundancies.



I've been slacking on uploading things due to a few internet connectivity issues. I hope to be able to get the updates going again on a more regular basis sometime soon. Until then, just check out the links on the side, they've all got great stuff for you to listen to.


Man Is The Bastard - Mancruel

Man Is The Bastard
"Mancruel" (2000)
Power Violence / Sludge / Noise
Track List:
1. Atomic Clock
2. Gourmet Pez
3. Eunch (Reprise)
4. Me And Hitler
5. Feed The Octopus
6. Blinds
7. Foot Binding
8. Center Piece
9. Idget Child
10. Kai Lai
11. Son Of Thug
12. Infibulation
13. Man Is The Bastard
14. She Boar
15. Dahmer's Funeral

Here we have another release by legendary Man Is The Bastard! This comp features tracks recorded in '92, '93, and some unreleased stuff. The tracks have been remastered to kick your ears in... This is probably my favorite MITB release, despite Power Electronics not really being my cup of tea. Either way, prepare to be pulverized.


Crucial Unit - Moshzilla

Crucial Unit
"Moshzilla" (2001)
Fastcore / Crossover
Track List:
1. Teabag God
2. Rice Traitor
3. Usable Buildings
4. Change Time
5. Blatantly Obvious Political Song
6. Columbust Fest Is A Celebration Of Genocide
7. Wigout At Kinkos
8. End Result Of Drinking Too Much Iced Tea
9. Bonus Track
10. Sneakers
11. Freegan Reich

Here we've got my favorite Crucial Unit release! Since I didn't introduce them before, Crucial Unit is a guitarshredding Metal-loving Fastcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their albums are peppered with well-placed blast beats, some yell-alongs, and crossover flavor that get your head bobbing. The album is full of hilarious, though sometimes serious, lyrical content with enough speed to satisfy that no-toothed amphetamine head that lives under the bridge. So invite him over, slip the record on, and prepare to be robbed blind while trying to find the right speed to headbang to the crossover riffs and time changes.


Mind Eraser - Glacial Reign

Mind Eraser
"Glacial Reign" (2006)
Power Violence / Grindcore
Track List:
1. Abuse Excuse
2. Manhood
3. Coping Methods
4. Equation
5. Full Spectral Dominance
6. Schizophrenia
7. Yesman
8. Wrote Off
9. Shutting Down
10. Deviant Sadistic
11. Time Served (And What You Leave Behind)
12. Juggling Anxieties

As promised, here is the next installment of the Mind Eraser catalog: 2006's "Glacial Reign." Compared to "Cave," the vocals are harsher, the whole album sounds a bit more Metal-tinged, and they really worked the slow/fast contrasts to fuck your day up. Feel the hate, motherfuckers.


Hellnation - Cheerleaders For Imperialism

"Cheerleads for Imperialsm" (2000)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Barricade
2. Against The Grain
3. Charged Up
4. Not Free From You
5. You're A Joke
6. Punk Or Cop
7. Selfish Shit
8. I Live My Life
9. No Truth
10. Politics
11. Nightmare
12. Fucked Up Mess
13. Greedy Motherfucker
14. Aaron Pryor
15. No Fan Of Cops
16. Not Laughing
17. College Town Revolutionary
18. Fuck The Kids
19. Shut Up
20. Shit Society
21. No Minion
22. Cheerleaders For Imperialism
23. Tunnel Vision
24. Scared Fuckup
25. Pave Your Grave
26. Consumer Might
27. Advice
28. Economic Survival
29. Kiss Of Death

Ok... This is straight up some of the fastest punk-style shit you'll find. Hellnation's first release was in 1990, so they know what they're doing, and they do it fucking well. Ten years after their conception, they came out with this 29 track warp-speed nuke of an album on Slap-A-Ham that will obliterate damn near anything you previously considered "high speed" or "high intensity." Punk-ass hyper guitars, blasting drums, hateful sociopolitical lyrics, throat-destroying screeching vocals served up by the drummer, and (in this recording) Chris Dodge (you know who he is) filling in on bass duties. You just can't go wrong. "This is punk rock not the Boy Scouts."


Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All

Municipal Waste
"Waste 'Em All" (2003)
Track List:
1. The Executioner - Sweet Attack
2. Mutants Of War
3. Knife Fight
4. Drunk As Shit
5. Death Prank
6. Substitute Creature
7. Waste 'Em All
8. Toxic Revolution
9. I Want To Kill The President
10. Thrash, Don't Mind If I Do
11. Dropped Out
12. Blood Hunger
13. Jock Pit
14. The Mountain Wizard

Superbly executed Crossover/Thrash and now-legendary live shows (boogieboard included) makes this the perfect record to put on while you're skating, drinking, getting high, practicing your future 360 boogieboard stage-dives on some unsuspecting nerds, or just driving to your mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Hailing from Virginia, The Waste have been ripping it up since 2002. This is their first LP... Before they got clean-cut (and possibly robotic) Dave Witte to be their (semi)organic drum machine. I hope you like parties, mutants, beers, and weed.


Otophobia - Malignant

"Malignant" (2002)
Grindcore / Crust
Track List:
1. Drink And Go Home
2. Welcome Home
3. The Day The Sky Fell
4. Some Things Never Change
5. Hungry Hungry Hippocrites
6. Asswinecheese
7. Axbxcx = Fukkyou
8. Hardcore Kids Have The Coolest Tattoos
9. Year Of The Buffoon
10. Thulsa Doom
11. Destroy Vaus
12. Lunar Positions And The New Age Escapists
13. Curse Humanity
14. Toolbox
15. Play It Again Sam
16. The Huddled Masses Can Suck Our Asses
17. Twenty Years
18. Sway Alone
19. God Bless This Mess
20. Arms Race 2000
21. Magellan

These guys from Philadelphia like to mix it up track-to-track. You've got your blistering Grindcore blitzes (two tracks ~10 seconds) and your raging Crust ballads (one track is ~4 mins). Fortunately for us, they can pull both off beautifully. Go find your Phobia shirts, put your dreads in a bun, and get ready to hate everyone in the scene. This was the last release on Slap-A-Ham, so you know it's gotta be good.


Man Is The Bastard - Sum Of The Men / The Brutality Continues

Man Is The Bastard
"Sum Of The Men - The Brutality Continues" (1996)
Power Violence / Sludge / Noise
Track List:
1. Freak Machine
2. Prune Belly
3. Skull Crusher
4. Starvation Cage
5. Death's Dirge
6. Tank Killer
7. Thug
8. Bloated Subhumans
9. Idget Child
10. Kai Lai
11. Son Of Thug
12. Infibulation
13. Man Is The Bastard
14. She Boar
15. Man
16. Foreign Children (Iraqi Slaughter)
17. Pigeon Holed
18. Users
19. Remember Thy Creator
20. Priapism
21. Beast God Rape
22. Pig Kingdom Come 
23. Sensory Perception Overload
24. Unilateral
25. Alone With Labor
26. Hempire (The Ruler's Deception)
27. The Roller
28. Protein
29. In Can Sense Your Cheese
30. Think Tank Killer
31. New Toilets For Tomorrow
32. Think Tank Killer

Heavy bass-driven sociopolitical first-wave Power Violence masters. They coined the term we've all come to love, which should tell you something about how influential and innovative they are. You've got your 10G gutwrenching sludge to fast-paced punk and occasional blast-bursts... Add some harsh noise and sweet Jazzy bass riffs to top it all off. This is a Comp. with the "Sum Of The Men" LP, their "A Call For Consciousness" 7'' and a few splits. If you haven't heard these guys, you should. Right now.


Terrorizer - World Downfall

"World Downfall" (1989)
Track List:
1. After World Obliteration
2. Storm Of Stress
3. Fear Of Napalm
4. Human Prey
5. Corporation Pull-In
6. Strategic Warheads
7. Condemned System
8. Resurrection
9. Enslaved By Propaganda
10. Need To Live

LA based seminal Grindcore of the best variety, none of that boring shit. This album has great Death Metal style riffing mixed in and a solid machine-gun drumming that will send chronic headbangers straight to the hospital. These guys ripped it up with this album and decided to give it a rest... UNTIL NOW (or actually, just last year)! It looks like Terrorizer has decided to get back together and released an album in 2008, which I haven't heard yet. I hope they haven't forgotten how to make eardrums bleed.


Mind Eraser - Cave

Mind Eraser
"Cave" (2005)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Neutral Words
2. Thawed Out
3. Internal Dialogue
4. What Did I Do
5. Finished
6. Subtle Entities
7. Clever Lines
8. Psychotic
9. You Weren't Right
10. Last Words
11. Don't Find Me
12. Human Waste
13. Amazing Solution
14. Chewed Up, Spit Out

One of my favorite Power Violence albums to come out in recent years. They take pretty blatant queues from Crossed Out, and I love them for it. Barking vocals, depressing/pissed ass lyrics, mid-paced hardcore, sludgy riffing, start-and-stops, and peppered in blasts make for a fantastic listen. I'll up these Boston boys' 2006 album "Glacial Reign" later on.


Life's Halt - We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore

Life's Halt
"We Sold Our Souls For Hardcore" (1998)
Fastcore / Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. More Than Once
2. In My Face
3. Get In The Pit!
4. Why We Are
5. Headline
6. Ten Thousand Strong
7. Make It Right
8. Monster Joe
9. Appraise

LA positive Straight-Edge Fastcore with that Youth Crew feel that makes you consider learning how to 2-step... Before realizing you'd rather run in circles and try to jump over your friends' heads. These guys ripped it up. "Get in the pit you motherfuckers!"


Dystrophy - Nice Kids

"Nice Kids" (2004)
Fastcore / Power Violence
Track List:
1. Last Drop
2. Old School
3. Selfless
4. We're Nice Kids
5. Las Palomas
6. Skatin' For Satan
7. Go Vikings
8. No Trust
9. You're Naive

From the Bay Area, these kids loved Charles Bronson and Satan... So from the get-go we have that in common. Some good, fast, and relatively simple Charley-inspired Fastcore with catchy breakdowns and no copyright infringement. Check 'em out! Unfortunately, they didn't release anything else that I know of.

Edit: Apparently they released a few tracks on some comps... But I don't have them.


The Endless Blockade - Turn Illness Into A Weapon

The Endless Blockade
"Turn Illness Into A Weapon" (2004)
Power Violence / Grindcore
Track List:
1. Fuck The 51st
2. Dummies For Role Models
3. Descent Into The Eternal Paradigm Of Brutality
4. Death Ritual
5. Bad Taste
6. Happy Families
7. Black Economy
8. Haymaker Vs. Manowar
9. Bleak Outlook
10. Barely Legal
11. Timebomb
12. Ulrike Meimhoff's Brain
13. Demographics
14. The Endless Blockade
15. Mothra

Brooding and pulverizing Power Violence from Canada. This shit is off the wall. They pull off the fast/slow transitions fantastically well; the molasses-speed sludge dirges give you time to decide what wall to punch a hole through and the fast blasts to violently convulse in rage from your broken hands. Something about dual vocals gets me going, though the high-pitch ones sound a bit airy. The album ends in the pseudo-traditional Power Violence way, with the dark, heavy, and (mostly) instrumental epic "Mothra."


Rotten Sound - Murderworks

Rotten Sound
"Murderworks" (2002)
Track List:
1. Targets
2. Void
3. Revenge
4. Lies
5. Doom
6. Iq
7. Insects
8. Seeds
9. Suffer
10. Obey
11. Edge
12. Lobotomy
13. Insane
14. Agony

It seems like just about everyone loves this band. This is fresh, talented, sense-destroying, well-written, incredibly fast, consistently brutal, and truly inspiring Grindcore from Finland... There's not much more you could ask for. Listen to this, you need it.


Threatener - The Fastening

"The Fastening" (2004)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Voice Of Cotton
2. Honey Wounds
3. Hatchet Midair
4. Rat Hunter
5. Wasp Tea
6. Howler
7. Bull Cult
8. Serving Targets
9. Meth Crawl
10. Nothing Stranger

Even faster and noisier than their previous release, "The Hammering," if you can believe that. This, like their previous recording, sounds like it was recorded inside of a dumpster... And I love it. Fast as fuck and in the same vein as Hellnation.


Discarga - Happy Night Electric Experience

"Happy Night Electric Experience" (2001)
Fastcore / Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. No Limite
2. Apologia
3. Quanto Mais Ignora...
4. Imperio XXI
5. Mad Max
6. Fora De Controle
7. Talvez
8. E Isso Ai
9. Instinto
10. Norman Song
11. Fora De Sintonia
12. Parasita
13. Contra Cultura
14. Fraco
15. Disorder
16. America
17. Jogo Da Vida
18. Olho Gordo
19. Violencia Domestica
20. Police Bastard
21. Nelson Rubens
22. Trem
23. Matanca
24. Traidor
25. Rolando No Chao...
26. Verdadeiro Ate A Morte
27. Pela Ciencia?
28. Mas Tu?
29. Marcha
30. Regras
31. Rgxi
32. Corpo
33. Nosso Odio
34. Acao Direta

A furious Fastcore punk attack from Sao Paulo, Brazil. These dudes have a way of writing 30-60 seconds songs that are memorable, diverse, and way fast. The vocals fit in perfectly with the writing and, if I was better with Portuguese, would be understandable. I was floored the first time I heard this album, and it continues to be in my regular rotation after so many years. A solid partial-compilation record of a great band that I'd do sick and disgusting things to see live,  and it's not because "eu sou Brasilairo!"


Noothgrush - Erode The Person

"Erode The Person" (1999)
Doom / Sludge
Track List:
1. Stagnance
2. Deterioration
3. Sysphus Narrow Way
4. Oil Removed
5. The Slave
6. Erode The Person
7. Stasis
8. Dianoga
9. Gage
10. Darrells Porno Song
11. Useless
12. Junland Wastes
13. Starvation

You might want to put on your back and knee braces before listening to this. This is some heavy Grief-lovin' blues-riff ridden sludge. The name is taken from a Dr. Seuss character, some of the lyrical content is Star Wars inspired, and they pumped out some of the sickest, slimiest sludge around. Kudos, Noothgrush. Kudos. Warning: You will move slower while listening to this.


Das Oath - Uber Alles

Das Oath
"Uber Alles" (2003)
Fastcore / Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. I've Been Trying To Fuck My Life Up For Years
2. Say It Like A Sellout
3. Sunny Shores Of Beirut
4. All Signs Point To ___.
5. Street Smart
6. We Are The Champions (Queen)
7. Bush Licked
8. Blue Light Special
9. If You Feel Like An Enemy Come Follow Me
10. Drama!
11. We Ruin Fun (Have Some)
12. Fishing The Fissure
13. Leeches On The Beaches
14. Comfort Like Baseball Bats
15. Excuse You, I Only Speak Superpower
16. Electronic Battleship
17. A Letter To Heartattack
18. Bridges Over Rottendam
19. Smell The Bacon
20. Hit Parader
21. A Carefully Thought Out Bad Idea
22. Through The Crack Of Your Cage
23. We?
24. Buddy Fucker
25. Colostomy Grab Bag
26. Anomie Records Sit And Spin
27. Half Pregnant

This is a partial discography of a unique Fastcore band that's fronted by Mark McCoy of Charles Bronson fame. High pitch, nasaly vocals mixed with some fast, noisy, well-written guitar work and equally satisfying (and angst-filled) lyrics. You gotta love the between-song distortion that makes it all flow together (I love Scholastic Deth for this too) in a seamless hyper-speed punk attack. Get it.


Machine Gun Romantics - Everything So Far...

Machine Gun Romantics
"Everything So Far..." (2005)
Fastcore / Power Violence
Track List:
1. Cookies
2. Fight The White Ninja
3. Death... And Other Problems
4. Hey... Thanks For Pointing
5. What Are Friends For Huh?
6. Chainsaw For A Hand
7. Headlock
8. Peppermint (Kill Me)
9. Keep Keep Cutting Me
10. WxTxFx?
11. Second Thoughts
12. Where's The Breakdowns?
13. Pasty White Lies
14. The Running Man Runs For Office
15. Nick Lombard vs. The Wasp
16. WWDubya
17. Nice Guys Finish Last But Assholes Get Murdered First
18. 88%
19. Pasty White Lies [Live]
20. Asstown [Live]
21. WWDubya [Live]
22. Oh For The Love Of Thrash! [Live]
23. A History Lesson [Live]
24. Pepperming [Live]
25. Asstown [Live]
26. Fight The White Ninja [Live]
27. WWDubya [Live]
28. Cookies [Live]
29. Where's The Breakdowns? [Live]
30. Headlock [Live]
31. Death... And Other Problems [Live]
32. Nice Guys Finish Last But Assholes Get Murdered First [Live]
33. Second Thoughts [Live]
34. WxTxFx? [Live]
35. Feeling Mean (Infest) [Live]

Although this doesn't include what I consider their best material (their side of the S.S.E. split), this stuff should not be missed. Four dudes from the Houston, Texas area that love Infest and Crossed Out tearing it up with fun, catchy, adrenaline-soaked Fastcore / Power Violence! Damn, this stuff gets me pumped!! If you were lucky enough to see them at the 625 Barbaric Detonation Thrash Festival in 2005 @ Gilman, you would know what I'm talking about. Get ready for tri-vocals, head lock pits, Olympic-worthy stagedives, scream alongs, and to wish they were still together. MGR fucked it up. Check out the member's newer stuff: Knuckle Scraper, Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, 50/50, and Dark Forces.


Fasts - Fasts

"Fasts" (2003)
Fastcore / Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. Lets Join Fasts Brigade
2. Stale Punk Rocker
3. Destroy XL
4. I Just Feel Like Rock
5. Police Is Police
6. Dir Or Die
7. When I Was Young (I Don't Feel Like Work)
8. Vegan Bastard
9. What's Up Lier
10. We Bust Master
11. Radical
12. ID
13. Into The Step
14. Out Of Step 2

Carpenter Ant - I Still Have The Drvie

Carpenter Ant
"I Still Have The Drive" (2004)
Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. You Don't Own The Road
2. Typed Out Setlist
3. Captain Firecrotch
4. Addiction
5. Clueless McCalihan
6. Get A Grip
7. Dairy Queen Is Not A Meal
8. Hoagies In A Headlock
9. You Are One Of Them
10. White Belt Warriors
11. Men In Brown
12. Later Lousbag


Look Back And Laugh - Look Back And Laugh [1st LP]

Look Back And Laugh
"Look Back And Laugh" [1st LP] (2004)
Hardcore Punk / Fastcore
Track List:
1. This Cost We Absorb
2. Midwest Train Wreck
3. Blinders
4. Hooked
5. Hawks
6. Smear Campaign
7. Run Silent Run Deep
8. Slogans
9. Charred Flock
10. Exhaust Filled Damnation
11. Blank Compliance
12. Martyrs
13. Caste System
14. Truth And Error


Crucial Unit - Premium Iced Tea

Crucial Unit
"Premium Iced Tea" (2001)
Fastcore / Crossover
Track List:
1. Thrashin' Is Our Business And Business Is Mediocre At Best
2. Living Room Mosh Pit
3. Baby I Don't Want To Make Out I Just Want To Circle Pit
4. Fuck Electrons
5. Communitea
6. Off The Gods
7. Boy I'm Gonna Set You On Fire And Not Say Another Fucking Word
8. Give The World A Hug
9. Punx And Skins Let's Unite Them Put Them On A Boat Send Them Off To Sea And Sink Those Fuckers


Hatred Surge - Hatred Surge

Hatred Surge
"Hatred Surge" (2005)
Power Violence / Grindcore
Track List:
1. Horrible Mess
2. Trapped In Lies
3. Stubborn
4. Numb
5. Wolf In Idiot's Clothing
6. Creation For Destruction
7. Invisible Noose
8. Waste
9. Hand Me Down Existencia (Despise You)

A one-man band has never sounded so good. Hatred Surge (AKA Alex Hughes) pumps out 9 tracks of Despise You style Gulf Coast Grinding Violence that will fuck your day up. Uncompromising raw vocals, blazing guitar/bass work, crunchy as shit sludge sections, just a fantastic release with enough variation to keep you from wanting to listen to anything else for a few days. Hatred Surge went on to add female vocals on later releases, adding to that Despise You feel. This is the first 7'', I'll up some more later on.


Threatener - The Hammering

"The Hammering" (2003)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Isolation King
2. Latrine Animal
3. Societal Runoff
4. Warpath to Recovery
5. Human Junk
6. Punishment Line
7. See You in the Hospital
8. Its Okay [Koro]

Crime Desire - We Hate All Life

Crime Desire
"We Hate All Life" (2005)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Chad
2. XX
3. Statistic
4. Murdering Cokeheads
5. Final Plight
6. Crime Desire
7. Curse of the Golden Pencil
8. Face The Facts
9. We Hate All Life


Siege - Drop Dead

"Drop Dead" (1984) + Tracks from "Cleanse The Bacteria" Comp. (1985)
Hardcore Punk / Grindcore
Track List:
1. Drop Dead
2. Conform
3. Life Of Hate
4. Starvation
5. Armageddon
6. Walls
7. Sad But True
8. Cold War
9. Grim Reaper