Hellnation - Cheerleaders For Imperialism

"Cheerleads for Imperialsm" (2000)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Barricade
2. Against The Grain
3. Charged Up
4. Not Free From You
5. You're A Joke
6. Punk Or Cop
7. Selfish Shit
8. I Live My Life
9. No Truth
10. Politics
11. Nightmare
12. Fucked Up Mess
13. Greedy Motherfucker
14. Aaron Pryor
15. No Fan Of Cops
16. Not Laughing
17. College Town Revolutionary
18. Fuck The Kids
19. Shut Up
20. Shit Society
21. No Minion
22. Cheerleaders For Imperialism
23. Tunnel Vision
24. Scared Fuckup
25. Pave Your Grave
26. Consumer Might
27. Advice
28. Economic Survival
29. Kiss Of Death

Ok... This is straight up some of the fastest punk-style shit you'll find. Hellnation's first release was in 1990, so they know what they're doing, and they do it fucking well. Ten years after their conception, they came out with this 29 track warp-speed nuke of an album on Slap-A-Ham that will obliterate damn near anything you previously considered "high speed" or "high intensity." Punk-ass hyper guitars, blasting drums, hateful sociopolitical lyrics, throat-destroying screeching vocals served up by the drummer, and (in this recording) Chris Dodge (you know who he is) filling in on bass duties. You just can't go wrong. "This is punk rock not the Boy Scouts."

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