Otophobia - Malignant

"Malignant" (2002)
Grindcore / Crust
Track List:
1. Drink And Go Home
2. Welcome Home
3. The Day The Sky Fell
4. Some Things Never Change
5. Hungry Hungry Hippocrites
6. Asswinecheese
7. Axbxcx = Fukkyou
8. Hardcore Kids Have The Coolest Tattoos
9. Year Of The Buffoon
10. Thulsa Doom
11. Destroy Vaus
12. Lunar Positions And The New Age Escapists
13. Curse Humanity
14. Toolbox
15. Play It Again Sam
16. The Huddled Masses Can Suck Our Asses
17. Twenty Years
18. Sway Alone
19. God Bless This Mess
20. Arms Race 2000
21. Magellan

These guys from Philadelphia like to mix it up track-to-track. You've got your blistering Grindcore blitzes (two tracks ~10 seconds) and your raging Crust ballads (one track is ~4 mins). Fortunately for us, they can pull both off beautifully. Go find your Phobia shirts, put your dreads in a bun, and get ready to hate everyone in the scene. This was the last release on Slap-A-Ham, so you know it's gotta be good.

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