Crucial Unit - Moshzilla

Crucial Unit
"Moshzilla" (2001)
Fastcore / Crossover
Track List:
1. Teabag God
2. Rice Traitor
3. Usable Buildings
4. Change Time
5. Blatantly Obvious Political Song
6. Columbust Fest Is A Celebration Of Genocide
7. Wigout At Kinkos
8. End Result Of Drinking Too Much Iced Tea
9. Bonus Track
10. Sneakers
11. Freegan Reich

Here we've got my favorite Crucial Unit release! Since I didn't introduce them before, Crucial Unit is a guitarshredding Metal-loving Fastcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their albums are peppered with well-placed blast beats, some yell-alongs, and crossover flavor that get your head bobbing. The album is full of hilarious, though sometimes serious, lyrical content with enough speed to satisfy that no-toothed amphetamine head that lives under the bridge. So invite him over, slip the record on, and prepare to be robbed blind while trying to find the right speed to headbang to the crossover riffs and time changes.

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