Municipal Waste - Waste 'Em All

Municipal Waste
"Waste 'Em All" (2003)
Track List:
1. The Executioner - Sweet Attack
2. Mutants Of War
3. Knife Fight
4. Drunk As Shit
5. Death Prank
6. Substitute Creature
7. Waste 'Em All
8. Toxic Revolution
9. I Want To Kill The President
10. Thrash, Don't Mind If I Do
11. Dropped Out
12. Blood Hunger
13. Jock Pit
14. The Mountain Wizard

Superbly executed Crossover/Thrash and now-legendary live shows (boogieboard included) makes this the perfect record to put on while you're skating, drinking, getting high, practicing your future 360 boogieboard stage-dives on some unsuspecting nerds, or just driving to your mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Hailing from Virginia, The Waste have been ripping it up since 2002. This is their first LP... Before they got clean-cut (and possibly robotic) Dave Witte to be their (semi)organic drum machine. I hope you like parties, mutants, beers, and weed.

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