Das Oath - Uber Alles

Das Oath
"Uber Alles" (2003)
Fastcore / Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. I've Been Trying To Fuck My Life Up For Years
2. Say It Like A Sellout
3. Sunny Shores Of Beirut
4. All Signs Point To ___.
5. Street Smart
6. We Are The Champions (Queen)
7. Bush Licked
8. Blue Light Special
9. If You Feel Like An Enemy Come Follow Me
10. Drama!
11. We Ruin Fun (Have Some)
12. Fishing The Fissure
13. Leeches On The Beaches
14. Comfort Like Baseball Bats
15. Excuse You, I Only Speak Superpower
16. Electronic Battleship
17. A Letter To Heartattack
18. Bridges Over Rottendam
19. Smell The Bacon
20. Hit Parader
21. A Carefully Thought Out Bad Idea
22. Through The Crack Of Your Cage
23. We?
24. Buddy Fucker
25. Colostomy Grab Bag
26. Anomie Records Sit And Spin
27. Half Pregnant

This is a partial discography of a unique Fastcore band that's fronted by Mark McCoy of Charles Bronson fame. High pitch, nasaly vocals mixed with some fast, noisy, well-written guitar work and equally satisfying (and angst-filled) lyrics. You gotta love the between-song distortion that makes it all flow together (I love Scholastic Deth for this too) in a seamless hyper-speed punk attack. Get it.

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