Noothgrush - Erode The Person

"Erode The Person" (1999)
Doom / Sludge
Track List:
1. Stagnance
2. Deterioration
3. Sysphus Narrow Way
4. Oil Removed
5. The Slave
6. Erode The Person
7. Stasis
8. Dianoga
9. Gage
10. Darrells Porno Song
11. Useless
12. Junland Wastes
13. Starvation

You might want to put on your back and knee braces before listening to this. This is some heavy Grief-lovin' blues-riff ridden sludge. The name is taken from a Dr. Seuss character, some of the lyrical content is Star Wars inspired, and they pumped out some of the sickest, slimiest sludge around. Kudos, Noothgrush. Kudos. Warning: You will move slower while listening to this.

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  1. thanks for posting this! i used to have a weird copy of this that i bought out of index for potential suicide's distro years and years ago...it looked nothing like this, just a simple paper insert, but the cd wasn't a cd-r or anything so i don't know....it's long gone now so i'm glad to hear it again!