Discarga - Happy Night Electric Experience

"Happy Night Electric Experience" (2001)
Fastcore / Hardcore Punk
Track List:
1. No Limite
2. Apologia
3. Quanto Mais Ignora...
4. Imperio XXI
5. Mad Max
6. Fora De Controle
7. Talvez
8. E Isso Ai
9. Instinto
10. Norman Song
11. Fora De Sintonia
12. Parasita
13. Contra Cultura
14. Fraco
15. Disorder
16. America
17. Jogo Da Vida
18. Olho Gordo
19. Violencia Domestica
20. Police Bastard
21. Nelson Rubens
22. Trem
23. Matanca
24. Traidor
25. Rolando No Chao...
26. Verdadeiro Ate A Morte
27. Pela Ciencia?
28. Mas Tu?
29. Marcha
30. Regras
31. Rgxi
32. Corpo
33. Nosso Odio
34. Acao Direta

A furious Fastcore punk attack from Sao Paulo, Brazil. These dudes have a way of writing 30-60 seconds songs that are memorable, diverse, and way fast. The vocals fit in perfectly with the writing and, if I was better with Portuguese, would be understandable. I was floored the first time I heard this album, and it continues to be in my regular rotation after so many years. A solid partial-compilation record of a great band that I'd do sick and disgusting things to see live,  and it's not because "eu sou Brasilairo!"

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