Dystrophy - Nice Kids

"Nice Kids" (2004)
Fastcore / Power Violence
Track List:
1. Last Drop
2. Old School
3. Selfless
4. We're Nice Kids
5. Las Palomas
6. Skatin' For Satan
7. Go Vikings
8. No Trust
9. You're Naive

From the Bay Area, these kids loved Charles Bronson and Satan... So from the get-go we have that in common. Some good, fast, and relatively simple Charley-inspired Fastcore with catchy breakdowns and no copyright infringement. Check 'em out! Unfortunately, they didn't release anything else that I know of.

Edit: Apparently they released a few tracks on some comps... But I don't have them.

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  1. Sweet. Been looking all over for this. They released a track on the California Thrash Demolition on 625: