Mind Eraser - Cave

Mind Eraser
"Cave" (2005)
Power Violence / Fastcore
Track List:
1. Neutral Words
2. Thawed Out
3. Internal Dialogue
4. What Did I Do
5. Finished
6. Subtle Entities
7. Clever Lines
8. Psychotic
9. You Weren't Right
10. Last Words
11. Don't Find Me
12. Human Waste
13. Amazing Solution
14. Chewed Up, Spit Out

One of my favorite Power Violence albums to come out in recent years. They take pretty blatant queues from Crossed Out, and I love them for it. Barking vocals, depressing/pissed ass lyrics, mid-paced hardcore, sludgy riffing, start-and-stops, and peppered in blasts make for a fantastic listen. I'll up these Boston boys' 2006 album "Glacial Reign" later on.

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