The Endless Blockade - Turn Illness Into A Weapon

The Endless Blockade
"Turn Illness Into A Weapon" (2004)
Power Violence / Grindcore
Track List:
1. Fuck The 51st
2. Dummies For Role Models
3. Descent Into The Eternal Paradigm Of Brutality
4. Death Ritual
5. Bad Taste
6. Happy Families
7. Black Economy
8. Haymaker Vs. Manowar
9. Bleak Outlook
10. Barely Legal
11. Timebomb
12. Ulrike Meimhoff's Brain
13. Demographics
14. The Endless Blockade
15. Mothra

Brooding and pulverizing Power Violence from Canada. This shit is off the wall. They pull off the fast/slow transitions fantastically well; the molasses-speed sludge dirges give you time to decide what wall to punch a hole through and the fast blasts to violently convulse in rage from your broken hands. Something about dual vocals gets me going, though the high-pitch ones sound a bit airy. The album ends in the pseudo-traditional Power Violence way, with the dark, heavy, and (mostly) instrumental epic "Mothra."

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