Machine Gun Romantics - Everything So Far...

Machine Gun Romantics
"Everything So Far..." (2005)
Fastcore / Power Violence
Track List:
1. Cookies
2. Fight The White Ninja
3. Death... And Other Problems
4. Hey... Thanks For Pointing
5. What Are Friends For Huh?
6. Chainsaw For A Hand
7. Headlock
8. Peppermint (Kill Me)
9. Keep Keep Cutting Me
10. WxTxFx?
11. Second Thoughts
12. Where's The Breakdowns?
13. Pasty White Lies
14. The Running Man Runs For Office
15. Nick Lombard vs. The Wasp
16. WWDubya
17. Nice Guys Finish Last But Assholes Get Murdered First
18. 88%
19. Pasty White Lies [Live]
20. Asstown [Live]
21. WWDubya [Live]
22. Oh For The Love Of Thrash! [Live]
23. A History Lesson [Live]
24. Pepperming [Live]
25. Asstown [Live]
26. Fight The White Ninja [Live]
27. WWDubya [Live]
28. Cookies [Live]
29. Where's The Breakdowns? [Live]
30. Headlock [Live]
31. Death... And Other Problems [Live]
32. Nice Guys Finish Last But Assholes Get Murdered First [Live]
33. Second Thoughts [Live]
34. WxTxFx? [Live]
35. Feeling Mean (Infest) [Live]

Although this doesn't include what I consider their best material (their side of the S.S.E. split), this stuff should not be missed. Four dudes from the Houston, Texas area that love Infest and Crossed Out tearing it up with fun, catchy, adrenaline-soaked Fastcore / Power Violence! Damn, this stuff gets me pumped!! If you were lucky enough to see them at the 625 Barbaric Detonation Thrash Festival in 2005 @ Gilman, you would know what I'm talking about. Get ready for tri-vocals, head lock pits, Olympic-worthy stagedives, scream alongs, and to wish they were still together. MGR fucked it up. Check out the member's newer stuff: Knuckle Scraper, Insect Warfare, Hatred Surge, 50/50, and Dark Forces.

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